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Austin Rainwater Collection

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Austin Rainwater Collection


Rainwater harvesting is a technique used for collecting, storing and using rainwater for landscape irrigation or other uses around your property. The rainwater is collected from various hard surfaces such as rooftops and/or other man-made above ground hard surfaces. Its then held in various ways ready for your convenience. 

We chose suitable Texas native and water-friendly plants for a thriving garden, we also recommend installing rain barrels to capture nature’s gift of life. Fifty-gallon barrels help conserve water for those hot summer days without rain.

Usually placed at an existing rain gutter spout, we incorporate rain barrels in a setting that blends well with its surroundings. If a rain gutter spout is not near your preferred location, we’ll choose suitable spots for convenience.

During our free one hour consultation we determine your needs in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and style simply by asking a few important questions. We ask about your vision and goals for your backyard, outdoor living area, decking and or patio. Our checklist helps develop our preliminary design. It also gives us a good feel for your property and a clear understanding of what you envision for your perfect landscape. Afterwards we give you the options of starting the process that will transform your ideas into a beautiful design. Call or message Violet Crown landscape and design today. (512) 653-1321

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